Understanding Risk and Reward Drives Superior Performance

Independent investment research based on proprietary research processes and a specialized focus on risk/reward recognition

Risk/Reward Emerging Growth Research

Risk vs potential Reward analysis based on a qualitative analytical approach.  A straightforward and honest assessment of the positives and negatives that affect valuation and share price momentum.

Pandemic Impact Research

We believe that a “new normal” now exists creating opportunities for some companies, and challenges and failure for others. Pandemic Impact Research focuses on impact factors, financial ratios and stress tests.

Pandemic Impact Portfolio Analysis

Pandemic Impact Portfolio Analysis seeks to provide a holistic portfolio risk/reward perspective starting with a pandemic factor impact analysis and financial ratio and stress test review of each equity position.

Our Approach

To the point. Clear & honest research coverage.

We believe investors are looking for direct answers and actionable information. In an online world where a vast amount of information is available to anyone at any time, modern investment research should seek to provide the type of information and expert opinion investors can’t easily access.

Our Pandemic Impact research asks logical questions: How is a company impacted by the changes forced on us by the pandemic? Is the company financially able to withstand a shock to demand or a complete restructuring of their operations? Will a company be able to support its current valuation when normal market valuation models are once again relied upon. How do the answers to these questions affect risk or offer potential upside?

We developed  Emerging Growth Risk/Reward research based on our many years of experience in the early stage growth sector. It’s our belief that investors consider making investments in this sector based on strengths and opportunities, management experience and financing track record, and intangible risks rather than on financial performance.